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Landscape Maintenance

For professional landscape maintenance services in the Ogden, Layton, Riverdale, South Weber and Washington Terrace area you can count on LawnWorx. We offer fast and free quotes and make it easy to schedule your service.

Landscape Maintenance

Trees and hedges are the pillars of nature and the breathing soul of your property. While resilient, trees and hedges need more protection and care than you might consider.  In the many years we have been in business, we have developed a highly efficient tree and hedges trimming program which ensures your wooden vegetation’s proper health, thriving and resilience all year long.

Whether supplementing a hedge trimming service with lawn mowing or just looking for someone to take care of your trees and hedges, we are here to help. The hot humid climate of summer promotes rapid growth of many plants. Many “mow, blow, and go” companies do not take the time to focus on other aspects of your property. For instance, some lawns have less grass around trees because of the shade. These spots can be filled in by thinning and raising the canopy to let light shine on the grass. At LawnWorx we take the time to look at every detail to give you the best service that is tailored to you.

What You Should Know about Our Tree & Hedge Trimming Services

Should you choose our team of experts to provide you with seasonal maintenance or health-centered trimming, there are a few things you should know about LawnWorks Service:

  • Before hiring a licensed professional we do a thorough background check so you feel safe around our workers at all times.
  • We will treat your property as if it was our own; this is why we carry large insurance and workers’ compensation, so everything and everybody is kept safe while we work on your property.
  • We don’t trim your vegetation for the sake of trimming, but offer you constant evaluations related to your bushes, shrubs, hedges and trees’ state of health, needs and vulnerabilities, so you constantly know what to do.
  • We never leave until we check every one of the 23 points on our working checklist so when we leave you don’t have to do anything but enjoy your beautiful and healthy landscape.
  • We offer a full satisfaction warranty policy: you can call us back to redo a job for free in case you are no happy with some results. In case you are still not 100% satisfied with the work, we will pay a competitor of your choice to fix things up for you.

We have been offering tree and shrub care services for many years. We have specialized staff knowing everything about horticulture, agriculture and landscaping so they are more than competent in offering you the best and most reliable tree & hedge trimming. But in case you don’t take our word for it (and you shouldn’t), you can put us to the test yourself! Call now and ask for a free estimate and you will enjoy our personal 100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy. Give us a call today!

Getting your free landscape maintenance quote and scheduling your service is easy, just give us a call at 801-415-6861 or request quest a quote online.

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We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you are unsatisfied and we cannot resolve the issue, we will hire a competitor of your choice, at our expense to make it right!

-Kade Lucero

Founder of LawnWorx

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