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Lawn Mowing Services

For professional lawn mowing services in the Ogden, Layton, Riverdale, South Weber and Washington Terrace area you can count on LawnWorx. We offer fast and free quotes and make it easy to schedule your service.

Lawn mowing company

Our lawn care services packages are specific to your homes needs.  Every home has a different set of needs in order to maintain its natural beauty.  Our standard lawn care service includes mowing, line trimming or weed-eating around all obstacles including fences, trees, gardens, etc.  We edge all sidewalks and any concrete walkways with a blade edger to create a uniform look.  When everything is complete we blow all clipping from concrete walkways, patios, and driveways.

Our blades are always sharp to ensure that your grass stays healthy all year long. Your lawn will be mowed and trimmed (once every week or as required) to maintain grass at a height of 3 to 4 inches. Grass clippings will be raked, swept or blown clean from patios, sidewalks, roads and walkways, and disposed of after each mowing. We will trim grass edges neatly around planting beds, trees, fences, utility poles, fire hydrants, etc. We edge all trees, shrubs, and flower beds as required so that these areas present a neat and clean cut appearance at all times.

Let Your Lawn Thrive With Us!

Having years of experience in lawn care, our company is more than qualified to boost your property’s curb appeal, looks and functionality with little effort and money. Lawn care doesn’t end even in winter, so you need all the help you can get to enjoy your luxurious patch of paradise all year long. This is what we can do for you!

Our company maintains strong communication with our clients to ensure satisfaction. We want your lawn to be perfect, too. We will strive to make your lawn worthy of the front page of our website. We take care to make sure that our technicians know any general or more narrow requested specifications, so that we get it right. Every time. We personally and completely guarantee your satisfaction. We want our customers to feel like they shouldn’t have to worry about their lawn and landscape. With our company, you won’t have to! Leaving your lawn care in our hands will give you time for the more fun things in life. Trusting LawnWorks to manage your lawn and landscape needs means not having to worry about the little things. You can rest assured knowing that, we value our clients and work hard to provide quality workmanship as well as excellent value and stand by all our work with a 100% money back guarantee.

Getting your free lawn mowing quote and scheduling your service is easy, just give us a call at 801-415-6861 or request quest a quote online.

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We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you are unsatisfied and we cannot resolve the issue, we will hire a competitor of your choice, at our expense to make it right!

-Kade Lucero

Founder of LawnWorx

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